Operation Underground Railroad

From the very beginning, the team at Primary Scriptures has supported the Non-Profit, Operation Underground Railroad. We care deeply for the children who are at the center of the work we do every day. Nothing is more abhorrent than the exploitation of these young, innocent children of our Father in Heaven. This is why we've been proud supporters of the efforts of Project OUR to rescue children from sex trafficking.

Since the beginning, we have donated a portion of all sales to Operation Underground Railroad, but it is not enough. So today, as part of the coordinated awareness efforts sponsored by OUR, we are announcing that we will now help in the donation efforts for Operations Underground Railroad by adding an explicit donation request with every purchase from our site.

Now upon checkout you can choose to add an additional percentage of your total purchase amount to OUR:

Look for the "Donate to Operation Underground Railroad" box on checkout. You can choose to add an extra 5%, 10%, 15%, or enter a custom percentage of your total order amount as your donation:

Whether you choose to add a donation amount to your order or not, we will continue to donate a portion of each purchase to Operation Underground Railroad.


The Primary Scriptures Team