Volume 2 & 3 — Release Dates (Updated)

May 2021 — Update:

We are now just finishing up Volume 2 and it has definitely been a labor of love. This volume includes so much more than we had originally anticipated, more than both of the other two volumes combined! We are proud to say that we will have pre-orders ready August 2021.

Again, thank you for everyone's patience as we take the time to keep the quality of this work up to par with the previous two volumes we've released.

Primary Scriptures Team

Volume 2: Pre-orders will be available 28-31 August 2021.


August 2020 — Update:

As we finish shipping out the last of Volume 3 preorders, we wanted to give an update on Volume 2.

In keeping with the style of both volumes we have published so far, we are currently writing and illustrating Volume 2 to be both comprehensive and simplified. Volume 2 is the largest of the three volumes, covering all the chapters in Mosiah, Alma, and Helaman. We anticipate this work to take us through the rest of 2020 and into early 2021. We hope this doesn't disappoint you too much. We know many of you were hoping to have the final volume for Christmas of 2020.

Thank you for your patience as we work towards putting together another volume that you will hopefully come to love as much as Volume 1, as many of you have expressed to us. Thank you,

Primary Scriptures Team

Volume 2: Pre-orders will be available early 2021.


Original Post:

As many of you know, the Come, Follow Me curriculum for 2020 focuses on the Book of Mormon. We have been working hard to figure out how to make Volumes 2 & 3 available.

To be brief, we will have Volume 3 (3 Nephi through Moroni) available by September when we begin studying 3 Nephi; however, we won’t be able to have Volume 2 (Mosiah, Alma, & Helaman) completed in time for April of 2020 when we begin studying Mosiah.

The nature of these books with their hundreds of illustrations just made it impossible to complete both volumes in time for Come, Follow Me. So, we made the hard decision to do Volume 3 first and then do Volume 2 last.

We know many of you hoped to have a complete set to work from throughout the year and we desperately tried to find a way to do that for you. We sincerely apologize and hope that this news isn’t too disappointing.

To give you some context, Volume 1 has 233 illustrations. Volumes 2 and 3 combined will have roughly 700 illustrations. Not only are there 3 times as many illustrations, but we would have to complete all of them in roughly the same timeframe we had to do the 233 illustrations for Volume 1. Discussing this with our editor and illustrator, we decided that 700 illustrations was far too much to do well in that timeframe.

Expected Pre-order & Shipment Dates:

Volume 3: Pre-orders available: July 2020. Receive your copy early September 2020.