• Simplified Scriptures for Kids

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They really did a great job of making the BOM read like a book for kids!

I would recommend this book to anyone!


I have been looking for the perfect Book of Mormon children’s book for a loooong time, and finally found it here!


We are blown away at how much our kids love this book! 


Simplified Scriptures

These books are written at a level for young children to understand.

Early readers can easily read on their own.

100s of Illustrations to Keep Kids' Attention

From toddlers to early readers, the illustrated scripture stories engage young kids.

As kids learn the stories of the scriptures, their questions will naturally spark gospel discussions.

When to Use

We include all the stories from the scriptures, making these books useful for reading & teaching.

Ideal for Family home evening, Come Follow Me, primary talks, story time, and more.