Going Out of Print — 1st Edition Book of Mormon Stories for Kids

We will be releasing a new edition of Book of Mormon Stories for Kids in early 2023. As such, we have discontinued all print runs of the first edition of Book of Mormon Stories for Kids as of Nov. 6, 2022.

All 1st edition copies sold after Nov. 6, 2022 will no longer be eligible for returns—all sales of the 1st edition of Book of Mormon Stories for Kids will be final moving forward.

To make room for the new edition copies, all 1st edition copies will be permanently on clearance as of Nov 10, 2022.

Be advised that as of Nov. 6th, all edition 1, volume 2 copies are SOLD OUT. We apologize for the inconvenience as we did not anticipate such a large influx in orders ahead of the holiday season.

Why a New Edition?

The current edition has very uneven page counts between the three volumes:

  1. Current Volume 1: 256 pages
  2. Current Volume 2: 624 pages
  3. Current Volume 3: 334 pages

The new edition is primarily focused on remedying this discrepancy to make the size of each volume more even:

  1. New Volume 1: 432 pages
  2. New Volume 2: 360 pages
  3. New Volume 3: 416 pages

We’ve done this by re-arranging the books (e.g., 1st Nephi, 2nd Nephi, etc.) within the three volumes.

  1. Current Volume 1: 1st Nephi - Words of Mormon
  2. Current Volume 2: Mosiah - Helaman
  3. Current Volume 3: 3rd Nephi - Moroni

The new edition has the following books in each volume:

  1. New Volume 1: 1st Nephi - Mosiah
  2. New Volume 2: Alma
  3. New Volume 3: Helaman - Moroni

Additionally, this new edition will be updated with new cover designs and fonts to align to our new branding.

Will the New Edition be Compatible with the 1st Edition?

Unfortunately, no. Due to rearranging the books among the three volumes, you won’t be able to buy a combination of the first edition and the second edition to complete your set. 

For example, if you were to purchase Volume 1 & 3 of the first edition and Volume 2 of the second edition, you would be missing Mosiah and Helaman in your set.

What if I purchased a copy between Nov. 6 and Nov. 10th?

If you ordered any 1st edition copies after Nov. 6th, you may be eligible for a partial refund of your order. Please email info@primaryscriptures.com with your order number explaining your order fell within this window.


We have seen a steady increase in interest in our books since our Kickstarter back in May 2019. We hear frequently from many of you about how these books have changed your life, your scripture study, and how you teach the Gospel in your homes.

Thank you for making us a part of your journey and we hope to continue to provide more standard works in our simplified format over the next several years.



The Primary Scriptures Team